What is Service Learning?

The Center for Social Justice recognizes the necessity of a close and collaborative relationship between the university and the community in order to address pressing justice issues.  We promote a reciprocal relationship where theory and practice work together to create innovative solutions to local and global challenges.

To produce this relationship, the Center for Social Justice fosters service learning courses available to all OU students.  If you are a student interested in finding out more about upcoming service learning classes, click here.  If you are a faculty member interested in having your course listed as a service learning course or if you are a community member and have an idea for a needed service learning project, email us at center.for.social.justice@ou.edu.

Most service learning classes develop a project with a community agency, organization, or institution that directly addresses a particular need.  Students in service learning classes have unique access to a different way of learning by interacting with actual practitioners, applying their knowledge, and contributing to a project.  Service learning fosters civic responsibility and contributes to our goal of making justice part of students’ everyday dialogue.

Service Learning 101

  • Mandatory service component
  • Moves your class into the community
  • Serves the community’s needs
  • Focus on hands-on projects