We are pleased to announce the winner of the

2018 Clyde Snow Social Justice Award

U Myo Win

A peace activist from Myanmar, he works with Muslim groups, including the Rohingya, who have been targeted by the current regime, and at great personal risk.  We will receive him at OU during the week of September 10.

The Clyde Snow Social Justice Award

Dr. Clyde Snow, a prominent Oklahoman, and an internationally known anthropologist and forensic scientist, committed his knowledge and skills to the pursuit of social justice through the recovery and identification of victims of human rights abuses around the world. In recognition of his global impact, to honor the legacy of his transformative work, and to support the grassroots social justice work of other activists seeking to rehumanize those whose human rights have been violated, the Center for Social Justice, a unit within the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Oklahoma, established the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award in 2012. The first award was given to Dr. Snow himself, with subsequent awards being given every two years. Nominees from previous years who did not receive the award are eligible to re-apply.

We accept nominations in the following UNESCO languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish

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Follow the links below to learn more about the recipients of the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award:

2012: Clyde Snow

2014: Association of Relatives of Executed and Missing Political Prisoners of Calama, Chile

2016: Selma Hadzihalilovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

About The Award

The Center for Social Justice at the Women's and Gender Program at the University of Oklahoma created the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award. The inaugural award was presented to Clyde Snow on May 18, 2012. The award sculpture was designed by artist Harvey Pratt.

Every two years, a committee of the Center for Social Justice will select a recipient for the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award. The main criterion for this selection will be that the person or group's work contributes to the re-humanization of victims of human rights abuses. The person or group to receive the award can come from any field, and reside in any country. The recipient or group representative of the Clyde Snow Social Justice Award will travel to the University of Oklahoma to participate in the award ceremony and give two lectures about their work.

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Clyde Snow receiving the inaugural Clyde Snow Social Justice Award

Call for Nominations

The WGS Center for Social Justice at the University of Oklahoma invites nominations for the award honoring the work of forensic anthropologist, Dr. Clyde Snow. The award recognizes the efforts of those who strive to restore the humanity and dignity of individuals and communities that have suffered human rights violations.

Nominees should have a record of efforts towards supporting survivors of human rights abuses, honoring victims of atrocities, and advocating on behalf of communities in the pursuit of justice. Individuals or groups may nominate themselves, or be nominated by someone else. Nominators should submit a completed application, consisting of the nomination form, a copy of the nominee's resume (or a chronological summary of accomplishments, if the nominee is a group), and a letter of nomination detailing the nominee's efforts and accomplishments. Letters of nomination should: 1) demonstrate the nominees' leadership, courage, and compassion in their work advocating for victims of human rights abuses; 2) give a clear history of the nominees' involvement with their causes; and 3) explain how the nominees' efforts give continuity to Dr. Snow's work. If the nominee makes the nomination, a letter of recommendation should also be included. Supporting documentation, in the form of media coverage, photos, videos, artwork, and testimonials, is encouraged, but these materials cannot be returned to the nominator. All nominations must be submitted in English. The deadline for submission of all materials is March 5, 2018. The award will be conferred at a banquet at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, in September 2018.

Additionally, the Center seeks donations to sustain the award and celebrate the work of Dr. Snow. The endowment will be used bi-annually for a monetary award of $5000 and the production of the award sculpture designed by Oklahoma artist Harvey Pratt, as well as travel expenses, room and board for the awardee, and the costs of the award banquet.

Established in 2009, the Center for Social Justice is an initiative of the Women's and Gender Studies Program, based in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma. The Center works to promote gender justice, equality, tolerance, and human rights through local and global engagement.

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